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Sport : Fencing

2 fencers en guarde. Sketch by unknown artist. Win or lose wheelchair fencers in Athens are getting the
electric chair...a look at the rules of this ancient sport.
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Athlete Profile

Athlete : Jayant Mistry
Event : Wheelchair Tennis

Great Britain's Nº1 and World's Top 10 wheelchair tennis player. 37 years old, full time athlete. Why Jayant is a serious medal contender

Jayant Mistry GB Tennis Player Head Shot
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Played by blind and visually impaired athletes. An official Paralympic sport since 1980 and played competitively in more than 100 countries.

Teams consist of 3 players with 3 substitutes (from classification B1, B2 or B3 with eyes masked to ensure vision equality) propelling a ball (which contains bells) by hand only, on an indoor volleyball court.

The objective is to pass the ball over the opposing sides end-line, thereby scoring a goal. The opposing team can use their entire body to try to block. Verbal instructions and the sound of the ball are crucial orientation guides for players.

When players hear the ball coming towards their end of the court, they dive, usually head-first, towards it hoping to block it with their body. If all three players miss the ball and it goes past the back line, it is considered a goal.

Each match is of 2 halves of 10 minutes, with overtime of 3 minutes each way in the event of a draw. 3 timeouts of 45 seconds. The team with the most goals wins the game.

A more detailed explanation of goalball's rules.


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