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Sport : Fencing

2 fencers en guarde. Sketch by unknown artist. Win or lose wheelchair fencers in Athens are getting the
electric chair...a look at the rules of this ancient sport.
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Athlete Profile

Athlete : Jayant Mistry
Event : Wheelchair Tennis

Great Britain's Nº1 and World's Top 10 wheelchair tennis player. 37 years old, full time athlete. Why Jayant is a serious medal contender

Jayant Mistry GB Tennis Player Head Shot
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Table Tennis

The paralympic table tennis tournament is ostensibly the same as the olympic event. Last time France, South Korea and China led the gold medal's table.
table tennis shot by left handed player

There are 10 classifications, 1 - 5 are wheelchair users, from tetraplegic to paraplegic, with group 5 containing wheelchair athletes with greater body mobility. Groups 6 - 10 comprise standing athletes with varying degrees of locomotor disabilities, group 10 would comprise athletes with a minimal disability. In each group classification, which applies to both men and women's events, there is a singles and doubles event (some classifications can be merged for the purpose of doubles).

The tournament format for both men and women is the best of 5, 7 or 9 sets - first to 11 wins a set (or 2 clear points if 10-10) - depending on the event. The rules are as you expect with only minor wheelchair related changes, such as the table legs must be set back 40cms and the player must leave the bat on the table during intermissions.


Athlete Profile : Holger Nikelis (Mens Class 1)

International Paralympic Table Tennis Committee
International Table Tennis Federation



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