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Sport Focus

Sport : Fencing

2 fencers en guarde. Sketch by unknown artist. Win or lose wheelchair fencers in Athens are getting the
electric chair...a look at the rules of this ancient sport.
Medals Table
Final Rankings
About the Wheelchair designs
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Athlete Profile

Athlete : Jayant Mistry
Event : Wheelchair Tennis

Great Britain's Nº1 and World's Top 10 wheelchair tennis player. 37 years old, full time athlete. Why Jayant is a serious medal contender

Jayant Mistry GB Tennis Player Head Shot
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Wheelchair Basketball See Current Tables

Wheelchair basketball is probably the most well known and popular of disability sports, one which we will be covering in depth throughout the Paralympic games until the final on 28th September.

picture of a basketball net

Mens Wheelchair BasketBall
Group Phase Tables

The Final:
Australia v Canada 53-70

Canada are proclaimed worthy Champions in Athens. In another first rate performance the Canadians take the Gold medal and remain unbeaten throughout the tournament.

The depth and team work shone through in each postion, with no fewer than four on the Canadian team putting double figures on the scoreboard.

What could Australia do? They knew they were in for a fight, that to win they would need to find the Canadians having a bad day. Canada didn't and the
best team of the tournament won by out playing every opponent.

Congratulations to Canada.

3rd place play off:
GB v Holland 82-66

GB play out of their skin and win the bronze medal. Holland got off to a flying start, but the British team remained composed and confident - pulling level then marching clear by half time.

Holland wanted to win and came out at a blistering pace in the second half, pulling to within a couple of points. Koen Jansens scoring 36 points for the Dutch.

But GB had
Jon Pollock on top form, putting 31 points on the board. Simon Munn and Colin Price between them chalked up another 32 points.

well deserved victory and a bronze medal for GB's outstanding performance.

After a shaky start to the tournament when they looked like going out early, the GB team can be extremely proud of this hard fought third place.

Great Britain are bundled out of the wheelchair basketball Final by the talented Australians. Its an Australia v Canada Final

Sunday Semi Finals Round Up
GB v Australia 52-64
Holland v Canada 70-91

Saturday's QF knockout ties:
Australia v Germany 79-60
USA v GB 59-62
Holland v Italy 70-64
Canada v Japan 79-48

Friday Group A and B Round Up

Italy v France 52-69
Canada v GB 63-45
Australia v Brazil 66-51

Friday Group B
Holland v Japan 76-47
USA v Greece 85-27
Iran v Germany 53-67

Thursday Group B Round Up
Holland v Iran 83-51
Japan v Greece 71-37
USA v Germany 71-49

Wednesday Group A Round Up
France v Canada 43-63
Australia v Italy 57-52
GB v Brazil 66-57

Tuesday Group A Round Up
v Brazil 67-50
GB v France 75-43
Australia v
Canada 38-66

Tuesday Group B Round Up
Iran v Japan 57-79
Greece v
Germany 39-101
Holland 66-82

Monday Group B Round Up
Japan v Germany 58-79
USA v Iran 73-50
Greece v Holland 34-95

Sunday Group A Round Up
GB v Australia 59-80
Brazil v France 74-54
Italy v Canada 54-83

Saturday's Group A: See Day 1 Group A Round Up
Canada 76 Brazil 55
GB 48 Italy 51
FRA 53 AUS 74

Saturday's Group B: See Day 1 Group B round up
USA 54 JPN 46
GRE 33 IRI 81
GER 63 NED 52

12 teams in the Mens, 8 in the Womens (final on 27th) compete for Gold, both Gold's won in 2000 by Canada.
Played on a standard basketball court (same basket height and court dimensions) by players with a wide range of disabilities. Basically anyone who cannot play able bodied basketball is eligible.

Each player is assigned a points classification (from 1.0 severe to 4.5 minimum) depending upon the nature of their disability. The team then fields 5 players with a maximum points total of 14.0. For more about the classification system. Without a doubt the points system has contributed to the popularity and participation worldwide since the 1940's.


Mens Pool: see fixtures

Group A Group B
Brazil (BRA) Japan (JPN)
Australia (AUS) Netherlands (NED)
Great Britain (GBR) Greece (GRE)
Italy (ITA) Iran (IRI)
France (FRA) Germany (GER)
Canada (CAN) United States of America (USA)


Womens Pool: see fixtures

Group A Group B
United States Germany
Great Britain Mexico
Netherlands Canada
Australia Japan

See: About Basketball Chairs

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